Asiansexdiary - Nun
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nun


Pornstar: Nun B

Dear Diary, So guys, had my date with the student girl Nun at 7pm after some shopping today. It was time after her school let out and just before she had to go back home. She told her mother that she would be a bit later than usual because she wanted to do some homework with a friend first but her mom asked her to be back at 8. So, I only had one hour with her. I asked her to meet me at a Starbucks near a little mall on Sukumwit. Knowing that there are toilets there on the 3rd floor that are rarely visited because most people go to the ground or first floor, I had it in mind as a backup plan to get her there and fuck her before 8pm. She was already sitting and waiting for me once I arrived. The conversation started slow and she was always looking at her phone. I thought that this was going nowhere but then she started to show me a lot of pictures of her. Very good sign. She loves posing. I’m betting that her being a bit chubby and her English being poor made her extra-shy with me. I used my translator and told her that I really liked her. She said she liked me, too. Then, I told her that it was too bad that it was such a short encounter and that it was hard for me to go home alone. She said she could fit me in on December 26th, the day after Christmas, as there’s no school and it’ll be easy to tell her mother that she was visiting the city. Knowing this, I still insisted that I wanted to kiss her today. She seemed to get excited by this and I proposed that we go to the toilets on the 3rd floor and then… well … just watch the video, guys!! After what happened up there, we left and took a taxi together. I dropped her at the MRT a little further down. We will meet again on the 26th of December…