Asiansexdiary - Estefania
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Estefania


Pornstar: Estefania

Dear Diary, Visited the big mall, close to my room today. In my previous days, I had seen some sexy girls walking around there. After 30 minutes, I spotted a sexy dressed girl in the grocery store. I followed her and her sexy walk and ass begged me to go talk to her. So I did and it turned out to be a very good idea. Luck was on my side today The girl, Estefania, is 23yo local Spanish girl that was friendly and clearly interested in more. I invited her for a coffee and we continued to talk there. She called me crazy ‘loco’ and that is always a good sign. It’s like saying “I like you”. I started to introduce the picture-making and flirted myself into her pants as if it were nothing. In fact – this video really shows how I am doing this. And yes, I get rejected a lot but as you can see here I am sometimes also very victorious. Once I told her that I am a professional photographer, she really started to dream about becoming my model and I played her right into it. After 30 minutes, she was walking to my hotel and already got my first kiss once there. You can see how sex was in the air. She got so damn horny that it was an easy job for me to undress her. It went even faster that I thought it would when suddenly, she started to suck my dick. She desperately wanted to get fucked, for sure. When she started to undress fully, I then was amazed how nice her body is (yes, her face is not 100% but who cares at that point!). Super cute pussy, as well. Got to fuck her like a wild man and ended up shooting my load in her mouth. She instantly swallowed! What a slut, my God! She is still here with me now and we are going to a restaurant for something to eat. I expect her to sleep over so hopefully there will be a deep creampie in the morning before I head to Paris!