Asiansexdiary - Dung
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Dung


Pornstar: Dung

Dear Diary, This morning, I decided not to wait for Lang and instead opted to call Pety to see if she had more friends for me. She was happy to hear that I was back and said she had one for sure for today that would be more than happy to have come over. We agreed to meet at 3pm. They arrived together and her friend’s name is Dung, a 22yo girl. Pety had told me that she was a very naughty girl, like Lang. Wow, that was promising. Once in my room, this seemed to be more than true! Man, this was a horny monster. She could not wait to take off her clothes and just started playing with her pussy. I didn’t have to ask for anything. I undid my pants and presented my dick to her… straight into her mouth. Ok, I know her body has been damaged a bit but who cares when she is so naughty?!! I really appreciate girls like this. This was fun from start till end. She was touching and kissing her own body the whole time and I guarantee you that she had a nice tight pussy down there. Not too hairy and nice hanging tits. I fucked her on the chair, then later in doggy, to BJ then back to doggy and to BJ again… man, I love that game. I creampied her early in the fuck and decided to give her a facial, as well, for the guys here who asked for it. She left and I called Pety to thank her. She is still looking for more girls. I asked her about Lang, as well, and Pety told me that Lang is a bit strange sometimes because you can’t really count on her. Yes, I figured that much out already waiting for a message back from her all day long. Nothing. Anyways, I had a good replacement today. I am happy.